Daniel Wayne Green raped by the system…

….and left without money, then prosecuted when he, a mentally ill man, reacts in the manner that he did, shockingly the system thinks nothing of leaving a vulnerable man like that without any means of survival then sentences him when he lashes out!

His solicitor, Gerry Scott, said: “The court is clearly going to be concerned when public servants and people going about their jobs feel threatened or intimidated in any way.”

He added that Green was suffering from mental health problems at the time of the outburst and passed magistrates a letter from his psychiatrist.

“His mental health condition was exacerbated by medication he was taking for an unrelated condition at the time of the offence,” he said.

“Although the threats were particularly nasty, they were made when he was surrounded by security guards.

“There were several people and he could have been restrained and removed from the JobCentre if he made any sign of acting on the threats.”



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