Jacqueline Harris

RIP Jaqueline, Via the Daily Mirror:

A former nurse who was unable to work killed herself after her disability benefits were stopped.

The family of Jacqueline Harris has slammed the government’s assessment of the 53-year-old, who was partially sighted, required walking sticks, had a bad back and was in constant pain due to arthritis in her neck.

Despite this, the widow’s benefits were cut in January after a ruling said she was fit to work.

Jacqueline lost her appeal against the decision.

On November 2 she died from a suspected overdose – 13 days before her second appeal was to be heard.




Charles Barden

RIP Mr Barden:

Charles Barden, of South Park Road, Maidstone, was found dead at his three-bedroom house on the same date his wife Sadie passed away 19 years earlier.


At an inquest into the 74-year-old’s death, DS Sophie Keeling said Mr Barden had told friends he was concerned about his finances and that he would be affected by the change to housing benefits.