Terry McGarvey

RIP Mr McGarvey.

“I think that if they had a doctor in there, they would have got an ambulance immediately.

“The girl who was supposed to be doing the examination never brought out a stethoscope or anything. They just put him in the room next door and that was the last we saw of her.”

An Atos spokesman said: “We would like to express our condolences to Mr McGarvey and
his family.

As soon as we were made aware that Mr McGarvey had taken ill, we offered our assistance and called for an ambulance.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: “The call was clinically triaged as a non-emergency based on detailed information provided by the caller.



Neil Groves

RIP Neil Groves.

Mr Groves’ father said he believed a potential change to his son’s employment and support allowance (ESA) benefit “must have” weighed on Mr Groves.

He said: “He has obviously had it in his mind. They basically told him that his assessment was coming up again.

“He knew it probably would be the end of his sickness and disability and he would go back on to [jobseeker’s allowance].

“He said he would not be able to manage on that wage a week. It is all part and parcel of it.”


Mark Wood

So sad, yet another victim.

A “sweet and gentle” 44-year-old man with mental health conditions appears to have starved to death after his benefits were cut.


Mark Wood, of Bampton, Oxfordshire, was deemed to be fit for work, which led to his sickness and housing benefits being cut about four months before his death in August last year. This had left him with £40 a week to live on.