Stephanie Bottrill

Unable to work because of ­a crippling illness, ­Stephanie Bottrill was already struggling to survive before the hated Bedroom Tax came in.

But Iain Duncan Smith’s punishing new payments were the last straw for the tragic 53-year-old who killed herself to avoid plunging into further poverty after being hit with an £80 a month bill for the two spare bedrooms in her council house.


Iain Hodge

Willie told our sister paper the East Kilbride News that Iain, who had a serious blood disorder, had been left without money by the Benefits Agency for 10 weeks.

He said: “He and Vicki had just taken out a mortgage on a new flat, his illness was getting him down and he was involved in an ongoing battle with the Benefits Agency.

“He had not received any cash from them for 10 weeks, despite being signed off as unfit to work by the doctor. He was last seen by his GP just two weeks ago.