Denis Jones

This blog is sad to post about yet another death.  RIP Mr Jones:

Denis Jones, aged 58, was discovered at his Tarleton Avenue home, in Atherton, on December 1 after a friend became concerned about him after not seeing him for several days and called the police.


The death was recorded as due to natural causes but James McIntyre, a close friend, wants others to know that they are not alone in struggling to make ends meet.


He said: “Denis was like an uncle to my children and to see him suffering was horrendous. His benefits were cut five weeks before he died because he had returned a form late.



Christelle and Kayjah Pardo

Ms Pardo died at the scene. Paramedics took her son to a nearby hospital where he died later that day. Dr Andrew Reid, the coroner, said: “She was not in a position around the time her son was born to be actively seeking work, and was not in a position to claim Income Support, which eventually stopped her housing benefit.”