Atos stress brought on heart attack for Jim Elliott

Thankfully, Mr Elliott did survive, no thanks to the heartless and unethical manner in which the DWP and Atos operate.

A DAD who started feeling seriously unwell during his interview with Atos assessors – and suffered a massive heart attack the next day – has been deemed fit to work.

Jim Elliott says he was struggling to breathe, sweating and had chest pains during his 20-minute work capability assessment earlier this month.

He was given a glass of water – but then the assessors simply pressed on with the interview.

The 55-year-old said yesterday: “All they seemed to care about was getting through the ridiculous list of questions they have, which is supposed to determine whether someone is fit to work or not.

“I could have dropped down dead in front of them but all they are interested in is getting people off benefits.”