Lee Robinson

I missed this at the time, however, like all other victims of this vile regime, Mr Robinson deserves to be remembered:

“Undoubtedly the DWP personified by Ian Duncan Smith and Lord Freud had a part to play in implementing the policies that would make Hitler proud.”


Mr Robison, of Furzefield, Crawley, had battled depression after failing to find work.



Job Centre starves Simon Rayner…..

then prosecutes him when he reacts, after going without any food for 7 days, and without any Jobseeker’s Allowance for 5 weeks.  You have to wonder how some of those on the other end may react if they were in the same position as Mr Rayner

Peter Butterfield, representing Rayner, said his client knows his actions were wrong and came after he had not eaten for seven days previously and was concerned for himself and his pet dog.

Mr Butterfield said: “He accepts he lost his temper and he is ashamed of his behaviour, but in his own words he was at the end of his tether.”

Magistrate Jeffrey Hazelton sentenced Rayner to a 12-month community order during which he must complete 150 hours unpaid work and attend a mentoring programme for 15 days.



Kevin Bennett

Coroner Edward Thomas said it was impossible to tell how long ago he had died.


His brother Tim Bennett said: “We discovered that his job seeker’s allowance was stopped and after that there had been no movement of money in his accounts since December.


“There were letters about his student loan and from credit card companies saying we’re coming round but he just ignored them.”


A post mortem found no signs of injury, but due to the advanced state of “mummification” it was impossible to give a cause of death.


George, from Chesterfield

Atos’s report went to the Department for Work and Pensions, where George’s heart problems were ignored and he got six sick “points”, as he could only stand up for less than half an hour due to pain.

Short of the 15 points needed to get ESA, George was put on Jobseeker’s Allowance and told to find work.

He appealed, waiting eight months for his case to go to an independent tribunal. There George got nine more points, as he could only walk 100 metres before stopping.

He was put on the “work related activity” group where he got the lower rate of benefit and special help finding a suitable job.

But months later George collapsed and died of a heart attack, the day before another Atos medical. His widow is convinced the stress of claiming killed him.

Vicky Harrison

Vicky’s mum and dad – who described their daughter as “wonderful and bubbly” – said she was struggling to get by on Jobseeker’s allowance and felt she was losing touch with her friends because she could not afford to go out with them.


“She was humiliated that she couldn’t find work,” said Vicky’s mum Louise. “It was an embarrassing situation for her.”


Her dad Tony added, “In the end it obviously got her down to such a point that she felt she had no future. It shouldn’t have been like that.


“She had a lot to give and was very determined. She was clever, too. There was no reason why she shouldn’t have been able to find a job.”


Unnamed man set himself on fire

Declared “fit for work”, and having to try and survive with payment delays while awaiting Job Seekers Allowance, this man clearly wasn’t “fit for work”:  Thankfully, he survived:

The 48-year-old unnamed man is understood to have doused himself in flammable liquid and tied himself to railings after a dispute inside the Jobcentre Plus in the Selly Oak area on Thursday.

Police arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire after the jobcentre was evacuated.

The man was later taken to hospital with burns to his legs.

A source with links to staff at the centre told the Guardian the man had been recognised by the staff as vulnerable with outstanding health issues but had recently been found fit to work precipitating a move from one benefit to another. This had caused payment delays.

Christelle and Kayjah Pardo

Ms Pardo died at the scene. Paramedics took her son to a nearby hospital where he died later that day. Dr Andrew Reid, the coroner, said: “She was not in a position around the time her son was born to be actively seeking work, and was not in a position to claim Income Support, which eventually stopped her housing benefit.”